Personal Relationships

picture couple revenge

No, not the TV show! Real revenge, between real romantic partners. That's what interests Dr. Boon and her students.

Research on revenge in romantic relationships constitutes one of three major lines of research that occupy a considerable proportion of Dr. Boon's interest at the moment. Beginning with Dr. Vicki L. Deveau's dissertation, Dr. Boon and her students have explored the parameters of romantic revenge, attitudes toward romantic revenge, and evaluations of acts of romantic revenge.

She is very excited to be collaborating with Dr. Stephen Yoshimura (University of Montana). Their work examining revenge from the perspective of the victim has resulted in two publications thus far. More recently, they completed a trio of studies investigating revenge fantasies (or everyday thoughts about revenge), and currently they are working on validating a scale for measuring the inclination to take revenge in romantic relationships.

For her dissertation, Dr. Alishia Alibhai conducted a content analysis of revenge in popular film. Not about relationships, in this case, but a fascinating study nevertheless. We presented some of the results of this research at the 2014 Comics and Entertainment Expo in Calgary.

For his masters, Dr. Kyler Rasmussen explored power and people's beliefs concerning the effectiveness of revenge as a response to a partner's infidelity.