Personal Relationships

picture couple unforgiving

That's just the opposite of forgiving, right? Not so, in the minds of Dr. Boon and her students. Inspired by experiences one of her honours students (Rachel Ross, now a PhD student) had working with calls to a crisis line, they are exploring what makes forgiving different than not forgiving. In recent years, unforgiveness has become one of the three most-studied topics in Dr. Boon's lab. To date, the Lovelab team has explored:

  • unforgiven offences (what kinds of things do people not forgive? Why don't they forgive? What do they see as the advantages and disadvantages of withholding forgiveness?)

  • different types of experiences of unforgiveness


  • victim-third party differences in unforgiveness (are close friends and family members of a victim quicker--or slower--to forgive an offender than the victim, him or herself?)

Contact Rachel Ross for details on how you can participate in her research on unforgiveness.