Personal Relationships

Dr. Stephen M. Yoshimura, University of Montana
The experience of the target of revenge (i.e., the avengee) in important interpersonal relationships. Measuring revenge in romantic relationships.
here to read an interview with Dr. Yoshimura about his work on revenge.

Dr. Gregory Morrow, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Stereotypes concerning the sexual attitudes, values, and behaviours associated with sex roles.

Dr. Mahzad Hojjat, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Friendship and forgiveness.

Dr. Janne Holmgren and Genevieve Currie, BN, MN, Mount Royal University
The effects of celiac disease on romantic relationships.

Dr. Jac Brown, Macquarie University, Australia
THe need to belong, forgiveness, and the experience of being excommunicated.

Dr. Careen Khoury, graduate of York University, held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Calgary from September, 2014 to August 2016.