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Beakerhead highlights

Our presentation at Beakerhead was an amazing opportunity to share with Calgarians some of the findings of our research on revenge in romantic relationships. We spoke to a full house at the Calgary Legion #1 and the actors made the content come alive with hilarious improv. Check out the official event photos here. It was a great evening and I can’t think Beakerhead staff--and especially Claudia Bustos--enough for offering Steve and I the opportunity to join them as part of Beakerhead’s activities and events. Listen to our morning-before-the-show (though aired in the afternoon) interview with CBC Radio (photo below).

Special thanks to Erin, our event manager, the actors (Jesse Lynn Anderson, Josh Bertwistle, and Jamie Northan. You guys were incredible!), and the volunteers from Beakerhead and the Distress Centre. Thanks also to Mary Anne Moser of Beakerhead and the
Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary and Department of Communication Studies at the University of Montana for their support. And of course, Steve, it wouldn’t have happened without you.


Here’s a photo of Steve and I on CBC Radio’s Homestretch.


Mel Paulin spoke to the French CBC Radio station, as well. Check out her interview

Can’t wait for the next opportunity like to this to come along!